Voyager MK2 Automatic Swimming Pool Suction Vacuum Cleaner by IPP

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Mk2 Voyager has a grey color Body. Comes with all adapters and 8 Blue hoses. 

An easy to assemble automatic pool cleaner which will clean virtually any pool. Integrated Pool Products have sold thousands of these units worldwide. 

 Product Features

  • Includes 8 hoses and all necessary attachments, all with warranty. Should you need additional hose they can be ordered on our website under blue hoses, 
  • Operates with lowest possible vacuum
  • One moving part
  • Advanced swivel technology results in good random movement and pool coverage for a cleaner pool
  • UV stabilised, high quality, long life material suitable for most pools
  • Vacuums virtually any pool.
  • 6 Months warranty on all parts. 2 years on the body of the cleaner. 
  • Integrated floatation system and adjustable weight
  • New high tech hammer design for quieter operation and better debris cleaning capability
  • Easy to remove debris from drive mechanism
  • Quick release removable hammer cover for easy cleaning
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Built to last
  • Easy to maintain
  • Virgin materials

In order to determine hose length, assemble with the first hose at the cleaner being the leader hose, then take the cleaner to furthest point it needs to clean from you weir point. It should reach there and have an extra hose length available to move around. If not you need additional hoses. If the hoses are too long then you need to remove one at a time to get the optimum length. Too many hoses is not good and effects the performance of the pool cleaner. Rather keep the extra as spares.

For assembly please go to You tube and search Voyager Mk2.


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Independent Review on the Voyager by David Van Brunt

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