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1st August 2014

Thanks for the comeback Alan. It's great to know that this product has good support. I had already downloaded the PDF file and read the trouble shooting aids. I was able to put together enough info to get the voyager to work (I call it the snail). Perhaps some of the things I determined in the process might help others. First, due to limitations presented by the pool and the pump, I don't expect it to operate fully automatic. The pool is 18 ft above ground and round with 90° sides. The pump is 1/2 horse power or less (didn't need the bypass valve). Since there are severe limitations, I don't expect perfection. First, the hose length is very critical. If the foot isn't parallel to the surface to be cleaned it will not move! The trick is to balance the unit so that it remains parallel. Depending on the number of hose lengths required determines the position of the weight. In my case, it works better without the weight. Like an elephant always following it's trunk, the voyager always follows the hose. In the case of the round pool, I found an "S" curved hose makes the voyager cover the most pool bottom. Even so, one must stand by to shift the curves slightly so that the voyager won't get the hose wedged into the side. I'm thinking about adding another hose length but I don't know what that will do to the balance or whether it will change the patter enough to avoid the wedging phenomena. Other than that, after tuning the operation as described, the snail gobbles up debris like a pig and it sure beats pushing a hand vacuum around.


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24th April 2014


My wife Diane and I did a lot of looking at pool cleaners before Diane found the previous generation of the Voyager on line. We bought it and had great success with it. Then we found Poolmaid online after being told the previous company had been closed. I was very happy to find Poolmaid and that you have the parts for it online also. Many thanks for doing that!


The only reason we need to replace it is because we bought a bank owned home that we are restoring and the pool needs some cleaning of calcium deposits, which make the pool surface a bit rougher than it should be, so it wore on the bottom of the cleaner.


We had replaced the old style cracked hammer with the new improved version from Poolmaid and the hammer is still working fine. Having only one working part is really good, no maintenance needed. Easy to clean if a leaf would happen to get sucked up, out here that only happens after a windstorm which we get very rarely.


Other than that just put a couple of pieces together, throw it in the pool, turn the pump on and forget about it. Everyone else I know that have other pool cleaners are always worried about doing maintenance and repairs on theirs as they have too many moving parts.


We just laugh and tell them they have the wrong one and that we have a Voyager that needs nothing!


Many thanks for providing us with a worry free pool cleaner!


Have a blessed day!



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27th June 2014

This is a great buy for the price. I've had it a very short time but it is performing well. I had the use of a competitive brand but it got hung up at times. So far the voyager has'nt had the problem. It assembled easily and was in service in a very short time. We are very pleased with it.

19th June 2013

Works great and seller was very helpful

19th January 2013

The product was very good and delivered when they said. Also at a good price. Thank you

11th January 2013

Does a great job of cleaning pool in a day or so.

Very rapid delivery of accurately described item. Couldn't be better. Thanks.

25-Jul-14 12:54


Great product, I'd buy again. Recommended. A++

24-Jul-14 18:21


Working really well, fast delivery, great item and seller

21-Jul-14 21:27


Superb service, AAA+++ seller, so quick to deliver

15-Jul-14 08:44


Great product, great service, great seller. I'd buy again. Highly recommended.

15-Jul-14 20:56


Very happy with this product thank you ... super fast shipping

25-Jun-14 18:38


Great product Great transaction

22-Jun-14 19:06


++Best ever, received in less than 24 hours - FANTASTIC SERVICE thanks++

19-Jun-14 11:56


Received as described, fast service.

06-Jun-14 10:07


Very good service

05-Jun-14 11:19


Very fast shipment and great communication recommended to all users A+++

02-Jun-14 20:21


great value for money...works well

24-May-14 14:15


Apol for the slow feedback. The item arrived in good time & has been fantastic.

23-May-14 18:47


Flawless service. Item works very well.

22-May-14 18:57


Pleasure to do business with thanks

22-May-14 19:46


Good product

12-May-14 23:24


excellent pool cleaner, extremly fast postage very happy thanks heaps

09-May-14 11:02


excellent sevice, thanks

09-May-14 16:28


Lovely-prompt-efficient-perfect-5 Stars

06-May-14 12:06


All as advertised. Needed 2 more hoses but no issue. works great and cheap

06-May-14 06:05


exellent product

01-May-14 19:07


Easy transaction, fast delivery. Positive experience. Product works very well.

27-Apr-14 20:53



27-Apr-14 17:57


Excellent and as stated cheers

22-Apr-14 18:22


good service, good value for money

21-Apr-14 09:08


Great item as described thanks!!!

21-Apr-14 22:20


very happy

18-Apr-14 18:46


Fantastic service great product thank you

17-Apr-14 06:08



14-Apr-14 07:25


Very good service, exactly as I have had before

10-Apr-14 15:21


Thanks! A++++

04-Apr-14 08:55


Super fast delivery A+ thank you!

30-Mar-14 21:34


Item is in great condition. Very happy with seller and purchase

28-Mar-14 12:39


Very happy with product and delivery was super fast

26-Mar-14 10:40


Great very happy with product, speedy postage would do business again!

21-Mar-14 17:49


well done,great service and product

19-Mar-14 17:07


Very fast delivery, thankyou

20-Mar-14 17:19


Great staff, thank you

10-Mar-14 14:52


All good thank you . Sucks like a camel in the desert

02-Mar-14 16:58


would use again

25-Feb-14 12:07


quick delivery product works well happy customer

22-Feb-14 23:03


Super fast delivery, great product. Thank you!!

13-Feb-14 06:37


amazing deal

12-Feb-14 20:58


Excellent to deal with a++

12-Feb-14 14:36


Pool cleaner arrived quickly and well packed.

11-Feb-14 23:34


###TOP##ITEM####EXCELLENT ###A++++++++

09-Feb-14 16:13


Works great fast delivery thanks.

11-Feb-14 08:01


Smooth easy transaction - thanks

08-Feb-14 17:33


Happy with the purchase

08-Feb-14 15:34


Item exactly as described, super fast postage. 5 Star seller.

05-Feb-14 13:27


Very happy with the product and the seller :)

04-Feb-14 06:46


great service and very good product, thanks

31-Jan-14 11:50


This machine works the absolute best. everyone get one,,AAA+

29-Jan-14 21:47


Perfect transaction thankyou A ++++

28-Jan-14 20:00


5mins from the box into the pool & working, and fast delivery. Thank you

27-Jan-14 09:46


Super fast delivery and excellent value, thank you very much

28-Jan-14 17:02


could not believe the item arrived the next day after ordering very happy norm

26-Jan-14 12:49


great service. all good.fast shipping AAA

26-Jan-14 11:15


great to deal with item is fantastic AAA service

26-Jan-14 11:11


Excellent Seller worked through problem A+

24-Jan-14 10:58


Product works well. Pity it didn't come extra hoses to suit my average size pool

22-Jan-14 11:17


quick delivery great price great product very happy

22-Jan-14 11:10


Great product!!!

16-Jan-14 23:15


15-Jan-14 18:15


Great seller Will buy again Very quick delivery

12-Jan-14 20:23


Great cleaner...I have 2 pools and 2 of these. Thanks

10-Jan-14 18:19


Great item...best deal. Thanks

10-Jan-14 18:19


Fantastic as described

09-Jan-14 19:44


Love our pool cleaner which arrived in record time

08-Jan-14 18:58


Great to deal with, fast postage. Thanks AAAAA+++++++

19-Dec-13 10:03


Great to deal with, fast postage. Thanks AAAAA+++++++

19-Dec-13 10:03


nice cleaner

18-Dec-13 08:48


Excellent product, great price and delivery. A++++++++++++++++++

11-Dec-13 18:08


Very satisfied. Thanks :)

13-Dec-13 00:00


was delivered to the gold coast within 23 hours of purchase GREAT SERVICE

06-Dec-13 12:45


Great product and price!

05-Dec-13 10:34


Great to deal with very easy transaction AAAAAAAAA++++++++

05-Dec-13 15:48


Thank you very much, great buy!

08-Jan-14 16:51


Great Service. Fast Delivery. Phone Support Excellant. Thankyou so much

05-Jan-14 12:49


Very happy thank you, cleaner is working great. Recommend

01-Jan-14 17:57



31-Dec-13 19:36


Thank you very pleased cheers

27-Dec-13 08:31


very good product and service +++++++++ will buy again

20-Nov-13 20:51


Would use them again

17-Nov-13 12:51



06-Nov-13 18:24


Very Very Good service. Good customer service an absolute pleasure to deal with

03-Sep-13 11:23


I usually copy and paste the same for all but this machine is spectacular

25-Aug-13 23:39


Great item works great so quiet. AAA

17-Jul-13 08:58



10-Jul-13 05:53


Excellent, very quiet and runs very well...very impressed

09-Jul-13 12:22


Item is perfect, a pleasure to deal with.

27-Jun-13 15:15


Excellent transaction, I am very happy with purchase.:) ++++++++++++++++++++++++

19-May-13 11:13


Great item. just had to get the pool connection right, but now works a dream

07-Apr-13 09:36


Brilliant, works a treat. Super quick delivery!!!!

02-Apr-13 23:16


Excellent item very happy

27-Mar-13 23:16


Thank you, fast postage & great product, cleaning pool well - would recommend!

25-Mar-13 22:56


Just a couple of minor problems setting up, but now FANTASTIC. I'll be back!

04-Mar-13 16:45


Great product thanks again

02-Mar-13 16:13


I had a call from the seller at 8pm outstanding service and product

08-Feb-13 18:57


Fast efficient service, device doesnt work too well in a right angle walled pool

31-Jan-13 19:28


excellent product and very fast delivery,thank you

24-Jan-13 19:55


Product is working very good at the moment very pleased with quick delivery

21-Jan-13 21:41


excellent product, good service, everything spot on

26-Jun-11 10:30


A+ Thank-you, was a pleasure to do business with you

26-May-11 13:02



03-May-11 10:50


Bit of tweaking to get it to work, quick delivery, good solid product

28-Aug-11 23:13


★♥☆¨*: Wonderful •:*¨☆♥★ Seller ☆♥★ Thankyou ★♥☆¨*:AAA+++ ★♥☆¨*:

09-Aug-11 20:51


Next morning delivery!! Works like a charm!! RECOMENDED!! great seller

26-Oct-11 10:52


Awesome seller hope to deal with again

23-Oct-11 11:01


Terrific Delivery Extremely Helpful & Friendly

14-Oct-11 11:26


great unit-10mins from box to pool. I now have a clean pool 6hrs later

07-Oct-11 21:27


excellent Product -- fast delivery

07-Oct-11 08:30


Very happy with the product and service

15-Nov-11 14:11


Great product, Great service Fast delivery Thank You AAA+++

11-Nov-11 21:51


Very happy - excellent item

09-Nov-11 11:00


Arrived so very fast was amazed, product was exactly what it said.

29-Oct-11 07:26


Very good value for money-- just as good as any more expensive product

26-Oct-11 20:14


Great Product very fast service Thank you! AAA+++

26-Oct-11 11:59


fantastic cleaner at a great price. super fast delivery highly recommended thanks!

15-Dec-11 09:17


Fantastic! Hope you are still here when i need another :)

05-Dec-11 18:19


Perfect ! As described and works a treat. Forget about Kreepy Krawley!!

24-Nov-11 23:31



24-Nov-11 17:01


Best cleaner ever, fantastic service super fast delivery, thanks

20-Nov-11 18:58


fast, perfect

20-Nov-11 17:50


Took me a day to get it right but it works..!!! Pool is the cleanest ever...

06-Jan-12 19:55


Good work mate.

29-Dec-11 10:07


Very good machine lots of adjustments runs better than the more expensive units.

21-Dec-11 09:39


Great product, bought 1 for our son, it worked so well we got 1 too, good price

25-Jan-12 09:43


Works great, and half the price of the big name brands.

23-Jan-12 08:18


Lightning postage, works great, runs rings around my old $800 unit AAA+++

18-Jan-12 16:43


Very happy will buy again

02-Mar-12 15:50


First i purchased one it worked so good my mate seen it so i got him one AAAA+++

10-Feb-12 20:38


Excellent quality. Thank you

02-Feb-12 16:47


Seems good quality materials. Worked well once suction strong enough.

14-May-12 23:24


Very happy with both pool cleaner and service. Thank you

17-Apr-12 16:33


Wow what a difference - nearly climbs out the pool. Very fast delivery

14-Apr-12 10:56


All Good. Voyager is brilliant, my new best friend. Kreepy is banished to shed!

11-Apr-12 16:10


Very eager to offer advice and assistance

10-Apr-12 16:04


great product at great price and fast delivery

29-Aug-12 20:37


Sensationally fast, great product

28-Aug-12 19:35


Excellant product. Fast delivery. Great purchase.

24-Oct-12 23:40


19-Oct-12 20:27



09-Oct-12 22:47


very happy purchase easy to assemble and works great AAAA+++++

10-Oct-12 13:27


5 stars! Thank you for your order! Hope to deal with you again :)

26-Oct-12 00:50


Now here is a company that understands after sales service and advice +++++

20-Nov-12 10:03


Great product, amazed at the fast postage. Highly recommend

15-Nov-12 15:12


price was excellent with the 3 yr warranty.quick in posting item.would buy again

12-Nov-12 20:05


Better than my barracuda and Orca but $500 cheeper and less likely to break.

09-Nov-12 23:29


Great product. More time with the family now!!

10-Nov-12 21:19


Outstanding! 48hours from purchase to working in pool and in regional too!!!!

05-Dec-12 15:25


Can't wait to use it, postage was the fastest I have ever experienced!!! A++++

04-Dec-12 12:07


saved hundreds....great seller....superfast delivery too ...VERY happy A+++++++

24-Dec-12 22:13


Had a hiccup setting up the pool cleaner, but once done properly it works great

22-Dec-12 23:08


Simply EXCELLENT service and Product. Highly recommend

19-Dec-12 18:09


Would not hesitate to use again. After sales service is 2nd to none.

11-Dec-12 16:02


All good..! Easy done!! Pool happy

09-Jan-13 06:21


A very professional .Highly Recommended. Excellent product and service.

08-Jan-13 17:38


Great product. My 2nd one in 6 years.

04-Jan-13 17:18


Dont spend hundreds my pool is spotless 100% happy customer highly recommend

01-Jan-13 17:04


Great person to deal with. Fast postage. My pool is finally clean

30-Dec-12 17:35



17-Jan-13 15:52


Best customer service I've ever had, great to deal with, great product!

14-Jan-13 18:56


Perfect -thank you

14-Jan-13 21:01


Smooth easy transaction. Very quick postage Very happy. Thank you. A++++

10-Jan-13 18:50


Excellent product! Bought one day, delivered the next. Very Happy.... thanks..!

27-Jan-13 00:12


Excellent service, quick delivery and great product.

23-Jan-13 23:01


23-Jan-13 18:04


Yes great fast service will buy from again Thanks Russell

18-Jan-13 22:56