About Integrated Pool Products

The History of Integrated Pool Products

Our Founding Directors started in the pool industry in 1978 and were the first with two other partners to invent the automatic suction swimming pool cleaner.

Manufacturing automated pool cleaning equipment, they have evolved this knowledge over a period of 40 years into the products they now produce.

We produce high quality products for the Swimming Pool Industry. Our products are made with quality materials that are tested to withstand varying pool conditions which have been tested in Australia, Africa, Europe and South America.  

With the concept of, high quality products at affordable prices, for your pool, we have ensured that our product is affordable without compromising on quality or reliability. The product is manufactured in South Africa and USA using the best available materials, and shipped all over the world.

Integrated Pool Products DBA Poolmaid USA Inc, is dedicated to providing a reliable, trusted, and proven product to the United States Market.

We offer:
  • Sold direct to you at 33% of the retail value. (We can do this because we don't have anyone else between us, and you).
  • A proven product.
  • Reliability.
  • Direct back up service (for questions, warranty and support).
  • 1 year Warranty.
  • 2 day delivery via USPS.
  • Full range of parts held in stock and ready for dispatch.

    Buy from a company that only knows one thing, Swimming Pool Equipment.

    All our products are manufactured in accordance with our philosophy of exceptional high standards of design excellence, and easy to assemble, use and maintain.

    Reliable. Long lasting. Efficient. Affordable. German Engineered for USA Standards