IPP Voyager Automatic Suction Swimming Pool Cleaner

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IPP Voyager Automatic Suction Swimming Pool Cleaner - White. 
Comes in a brown recycled cardboard box that is designed to save the customer money and help the environment. No fancy artwork or colors on the box reduce the end user cost. Marketing on the box is not necessary as it is not for store resale. White cleaner, white hoses - 6 month warranty on all parts.
The Voyager MK2 which is Grey with Blue Hoses x 10 is ONLY available through retail stores. Stores that sell those are shown on our website. The MK2 comes with a 3 year warranty on the body and 1 year on the other parts for normal wear and tear. 
Product Features:
Easy to install    
Cleans floor and walls
No hose weight required
Quality and service guaranteed
Ideal for a wide variety of pool shapes, surfaces and water depths
One moving part
Unique float and weight system built within the voyager
Minimal suction only need 0.5 hp
UV stabilised, high quality, and long life material
Advanced swivel technology offering good random movement for maximum pool coverage
Hi-tech hammer design for quieter operation and better debris cleaning capability
Easy debris removal from drive mechanism
Patented flushing ports to reduce hammer jamming
Unique leader hose for better random movement
Control valve & all skimmer attachments included
International patented
Proven quality since 1976
6 month warranty on cleaner and parts
Voyager IPP - pool hoses
8 x hoses total length 24 ft including a Unique leader Hose for random movement
Internal cuffs
Single piece, blow-moulded polyethylene (no glue or welds) 3 ft a hose lenght
Good random movement
Adaptable to other hose makes if an IPP universal hose adaptor is applied. This is available on the website
In order to determine hose length, assemble with the first hose at the cleaner being the leader hose, then take the cleaner to furthest point it needs to clean from the weir/skimmer point. It should reach there and have an extra hose length available to move around. If not you need additional hoses. If the hoses are too long then you need to remove one at a time to get the optimum length. Too many hoses is not good and effects the performance of the pool cleaner. rather keep the extra as spares.
Independent review on the voyager by David Van Brunt on Youtube under Voyager Mk2 (same operation and features)

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