Poolmaid and Voyager swimming pool cleaner leader hose white

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White leader hose for voyager and poolmaid automatic swimming pool cleaners.

The white leader hose is the first hose that attaches direct to the swimming pool cleaner. Comes standard with the Voyager, Voyager mk2, Poolmaid X and Poolmaid new cleaners. This leader hose allows better random movement for the cleaner and is made of a softer material to the normal hoses.

Product features

  • internal cuff 
  • single piece, blow-molded polyethylene (no glue or welds)
  • uv resistant
  • adaptable to other hose makes (ask for universal hose adaptor )
  • good random movement
  • unique and ultra-soft leader hose for improved random movement
  • long life durable hose due to more material used per hose section
  • 6 months warranty on hoses

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