IPP Supreme Series 12 volt 10 COLOR 100ft swimming pool light .

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Supreme series 10 color LED 100 ft underwater swimming pool light

UL approved

  • 12 volt
  • easy to install
  • no earth bonding
  • sealed unit
  • thinner UL  approved cable for much easier installation
  • 10 vibrant color schemes to choose from
  • solid white color to choose from
  • 50 000 hours guaranteed
  • 1-year warranty
  • matching spa light available that will synchronise with large light on same transformer or with a wall switch
  • fits into most popular swimming pool light existing niche's as a retrofit
  • $6.00 a year to operate
  • Lights on same transformer can be syncronized
  • uses only 16 watts lowest in the market-saving energy use by 95%
  • yearly operating costs $6 verses 500w

 LED underwater swimming pool lights compared to incandescent

Traditionally swimming pools used incandescent lights. Thankfully 12v LED lights are available, the leap in technology has resulted in dramatic change.

By far the biggest benefit is safety. Traditional lights pose a huge safety risk in water that transmits power if not installed properly. By contrast, 12v LED lights installed by a qualified pool installer or electrician pose a minimum threat.

The next huge benefit over the incandescent lights is the cost to run. Consumers and governments are striving to “go green” and led lights to offer this as a solution.

Ipp supreme series lights are arguably the most energy-efficient underwater lights in the market using only 16 watts. Compare this to an average use incandescent or halogen light that consumes a whopping 160 + watts. IPP can brag a massive 90% saving.

On traditional lights, IPP compares 16 watts to around 46 watts.

IPP lights use around $6 a year to run (dependent on power supplier).

With regard to durability, the ipp lights life span is 50 000 hours plus, the incandescent only around 5 000.

IPP supreme series lights are sealed units. The 2 wire UL approved cable is much thinner and easier to install in old and new conduits and tight corners.

IPP underwater lights are, much safer than incandescent in the pool, much more attractive, much cheaper to run, far easier to install, UL approved, does not need bonding, last ten times longer. These lights can also burn out of the water without blowing the led's unlike most other lights in the market.

Units are also available through our approved USA distributors and select Pool stores 

Note: Swimming Pool Lights must always be installed by a qualified electrician

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