Ipp swimming pool cleaner suction control valve

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Ipp swimming pool cleaner suction control valve

The control valve attaches direct to the weir/skimmer and allows adjustment of the suction strength between the weir/skimmer to the pool cleaner. The suction control valve comes standard with all new cleaners but is available as a spare part. 

Should you have a side suction port you do not need to attach the Ipp control valve to your side suction port as you control your suction from your pump.

Suction control valves work with the following ipp cleaners. Voyager / voyager mark II/ poolmaid / poolmaid x / stealth swimming pool cleaners.

Please note:

Should your suction be too strong or too weak the cleaner will have issues cleaning your pool, with our suction valve, you can control the suction to the swimming pool cleaner.

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