Ipp In-Line Leaf Catcher Canister

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Ipp in-line leaf catcher /canister 

Our very cost effective leaf gobbler will work on most automatic suction swimming pool cleaners and is connected onto the first swimming pool hose between the suction point and the cleaner, normally on the first automatic swimming pool hose. Instructions are included in the box on how to add the in-line leaf canister to your current automatic swimming pool hose.

Ipp in-line leaf canister is perfect for pools collecting lots of leaves and dirt, and is designed to trap dirt before it reaches the pool skimmer / weir. The leaf canister is easy to open and remove dirt with one quarter turn separating the outer canister from the basket. The two halves of the canister pull apart where you can reach the basket and remove all your excess leaves and dirt. 

Made with a clear, uv-resistant exterior, the integrated pool products leaf catcher makes debris cleaning easy with its see-through canister.

The leaf catcher includes the canister, removable leaf basket, o'ring and hose connectors for easy installation.

For more information where you can purchase our products at your local swimming pool store please contact +(954) 278 5137