How They Work

Poolmaid & Voyager Suction-Side Automatic Pool Cleaners


The Voyager Vacumac and Poolmaid automatic suction cleaners work on suction that's generated by your swimming pool pump, basically like an underwater vacuum. 

The flow stream of water is cyclically interrupted in the pool cleaner's body which causes a corresponding, repeat, stop-start, to and fro motion in the hose.

The cleaners use the filtration system in your pool. Voyager Vacumac and Poolmaid have only one moving part unlike more complex pool cleaners which have multiple parts. There are no wheels or gears on this pool cleaner which makes it simple to use. Additionally, the cleaner has a large intake throat which can catch both large and small debris in your pool.

Designed for all types of pools, including: all in-ground, plaster, concrete, pebble, vinyl, and fiberglass or tile, they are specially designed to move around the pool in a random motion, cleaning the entire pool. (not stairs) This is the most popular type of automatic pool cleaner. Our suction-side pool cleaners  are a good choice for the  pool owner. They're easy to use because they attach to your existing skimmer or a dedicated suction port. Poolmaid and Voyager work when your pool pump is running. They pick up dirt & debris, depositing it into your filter system.

This automatic pool vacuum will leave your pool sparking clean. The swivel design works with the regulator valve to provide optimal cleaning. The automatic valve (included in the box) sets the ideal travel speed so as to ensure a thorough clean. 

Set up takes about fifteen to twenty minutes.



Best value for money

Voyager in Action Video ( Attach file)

Poolmaid Action Video ( Attach File)