Poolmaid Automatic Side Suction Swimming Pool Cleaner Complete

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Poolmaid Automatic Side Suction Swimming Pool Cleaner Comes in a plain brown box for shipping and to keep the costs down.

Poolmaid automatic pool cleaners are robust and hard working. They feature exceptional design for use in a variety of pool sizes. Spare parts are freely available and inexpensive to ensure that you get the most from your swimming pool cleaner.

Product features:

  • Unique float and weight adjustment which can be adjusted on the body to specific pool needs.
  • One moving part
  • Supplied with 8 x sectional white hoses (24ft), including a unique leader hose allowing better random movement . Additional Hoses are available on the website. If needed it is preferable to order at they same time as the cleaner so that the extra hoses can be shipped together.
  • Advanced swivel technology offering good random movement and pool coverage
  • Minimal suction (1/2) HP
  • UV stabilised, high quality, and long life, suitably manufactured for most pools
  • New hi tech hammer design for quieter operation and better debris cleaning capability
  • Easy debris removal from drive mechanism
  • Patented flushing ports to reduce hammer jamming
  • Internationally Patented

At this low price get two cleaners keep one for spares!

Please note: You may have a different control valve in your box, if you have a side suction port you do not need to use the control valve supplied with the cleaner as you can control your suction from your valve near your pump. You would then need the IPP 2 piece adapter that is available on our website. The 2 piece adaptor  connects to the side suction port in your pool then attach the hose lengths. The leader hose as the last hose, then attach the cleaner.  This will all be in your instruction manual.

Please Note: Every pool cleaner will be inspected and photographed for serial numbers.  We attach an inspector number and make sure all parts are complete in the box and nothing is missing. Should this cleaner not suit you we do not pay return shipping and we do charge a 25% restocking fee.

Should you have any queries kindly contact us on our email address at, salesusa@integratedpoolproducts.com or call us on 954 278 5137

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